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The Airstryk Mobile App gives golf courses an entirely new & free platform to increase profit & revenue immediately. Use the form to start your signup now or scroll down to learn more about how Airstryk app works!
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Sell more product and deliver your golfers a better experience all with zero cost to integrate into your organization! Signup for Airstryk today and capture profits you've been missing!

Costs Nothing To Integrate

The Airstryk app is FREE for both course and user and makes it easy for your golfers to order food and drinks on the course! 

Increase Revenue Immediately

Help you golfers purchase more food, drink, and product while playing at your facility using the Airstryk app! 

Use Your Existing Staff

You already have staff, marshals, or range crew to make deliveries…no need to hire anyone to make on-course deliveries!

Optimize Your Inventory...Sell More!

Now its easy to move inventory quicker, provide deals or discounts on slow moving product etc., and manage your inventory.

Provide a Better Experience

Players want a better experience today and with the Airstryk app, providing that experience is easy and profitable!

Sell More To Egisting Customers

With tee rates down and the popularity of discounts way up, why not sell more product to those players on your course? 


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MILLION Golfers in the United States Today


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Reasons Not To Start Using Airstryk At Your Course Today! 

Increase Revenue & Build Loyalty

The Airstryk Mobile App is FREE for users and courses and gives your golfers the convenience of ordering food, beverages, or product, from anywhere on your golf course property. Orders can be delivered by your existing staff or bev cart employees using GPS built right into the Airstryk app.

Upon receiving their order from your team member, the user inputs their password to confirm delivery (an optional tip can be left), and the transaction is complete...quick, simple, and secure. Users are free to order and receive food quickly without the normal bogs of a bev cart stop, or the dreaded turn "coffee shop stop". The app's freedom means more orders, more frequently and ultimately...more revenue! Have you ever been to a movie theater that didn't sell popcorn? Exactly, its because people want food and drinks with their entertianment. Now that Airstryk is here, its time to rethink and optimize the hidden gem known as food and beverage at your golf course!



Gone Are The Hassles of Cash…

Say goodbye to "short" cash boxes, lost credit card receipts, or cumbersome customer credit card handling...and say hello to the simplicity of Airstryk. The entire transaction from order to payment is handled securely by the Airstryk app and no cash ever needs to exchange hands. The user can even add a tip to the transaction and upon delivery, and after they input their password at delivery, the transaction is complete! You receive your funds automatically deposited with 3-5 business days...its just that simple! Imagine how many more transactions you could have in a single day just by adding Airstryk at your course!

Delivery Is a Snap!

Did you know that it is actually faster, more effecient, and you will sell more product simply by integrating the Airstryk app at your course? Its true. Your existing bev cart strategy of simply driving around the course, not only bogs down play thus limiting how many rounds you can shoot each day, but is actually limiting how much you can actually sell.

Built right into Airstryk is a sophisticated GPS location service that allows you to deliver orders right to the user anywhere on the course. Whether you have a fully stocked bev cart that simply receives and makes deliveries, or a snack bar that fills all the orders for delivery, the Airstryk app makes finding that user quick, and simple.



Manage Everything Effortlessly…

Manage your staff, product, or even create custom time schedules for Airstryk avialabily at your course. Run reports and manage everything with ease from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Airstryk lets you manage and optimize your inventory

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

Payments processed from your Airstryk sales are direct deposited into your account of choice within 1-3 business days.

How does Airstryk get paid?

Airstryk charges a small fee on top of every order. This fee along with processing fees are paid for by the user. 

I'm not sure I have enough staff?

Most courses use existing bev cart staff or range staff to handle deliveries. Some even use course Marshals to help make deliveries!

Do I need a merchant account?

No. Airstryk uses secure credit card processing from within the app that is completely managed by Airstryk…no merchant account needed! 

Do golfers know about Airstryk?

Many do, but we include an Airstryk signup pack with stickers and marketing materials, so your golfers know to order anytime from the app! 

Is Airstryk really free?

Yup. Its totally free for the user and totally free for golf courses to use. Just request and invite and get started today!

It’s Time To Get You Started…

If you have further questions regarding setting up your facility with Airstryk. Please feel free to contact us or,

Airstryk is currently only for Apple iOS devices on the Apple App Store.